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4:39 p.m. - 2013-02-14
Tim Roth has cloned himself 5 times!

I've compiled a list of Tim Roth clones..he seems to be appearing here & there lately..

My Accountant Forrest..unfortunately no pics of him..its not like i'm going in to sign papers & say to him.."can i take your picture please?" i would be sooo embarassed to even think of doing such a thing! however, if y'all saw the film "Dark Water", Tim plays a lawyer living inside his car..that is like soo much Forrest!

Roman Abramovich..owner of Chelsea FC..i'm not sure if he's still owning the footie club or not?

Jake Weber..British actor known for playing in zombie film "Shauwn of the Dead"

James Buckley..another actor..don't know him that well.

Dan Auerbach..lead singer of The Black Keys..i think he's the closest to looking like Tim,like they were actually seperated at birth!!

I've been infatuated by Tim Roth since i saw him in "Reservoir Dogs" as Mr. Orange..there's something about this guy that drives me insane..or any guy who resembles him! So yeah, meeting Tim Roth would be the BEST V-Day gift ever!!!!!!


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