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8:40 p.m. - 2013-02-07
valentine survival kit

How to survive the Valentine Day blues if you're single, boyfriend-less, & feel unwanted:

1. watch uplifting romance films not the crappy ones! you know..the ones that always end up at the church alter exchanging vows & wearing the same white wedding gown handed down from film to film so that the bride ends up looking like a clone..i'm talking about romance done right like "Pretty Woman" where the knight in shining armor rides up in his limo, wisks off the girl & you are left with a happy feeling that it could happen to you only it really doesn't does it? this is real life not a movie but *sigh* one can dream. Or how about "Chocolat"..its got excitement, romance, thrills, & lots of yummy chocolates! hahaha..like a Johnny Depp?? mmmmm..i'd like to sink my teeth into him!
2. Send yourself a load of cute Valentine cards signed by "your secret admirer" just like Cher sends herself a box of chocolates to make a guy jealous in "Clueless"..well it worked!
3. Fill up bathtub with lots of pretty red rose petals & sing love songs to yourself while thinking of some gorgeous hunk..in my case, i'll be thinking of David Villa!
4. Have an eye candy marathon..all i have to do is watch the Spain soccer team play!
5. Phone up your other single gal pals & invite them over for a dinner of Mexican Ole Mole chocolate chicken with black rice..i make this every year!sooo yummy!!
6. Buy yourself a bouquet of flowers..i'm planning on daisies or gerberas whatever theyre called.
7. Wear a lip ring & kiss yourself
8. oh yeah, of course, do get a box of Lindor chocolates & pig out!
9. Put satin sheets on your bed..i would if i had some
10. Go out on a nature walk & hug a tree..it helps!


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