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5:45 p.m. - 2013-02-05
psychic fair fun!

Went to the Psychic Fair on Friday..i got an eye necklace charm, & got our moon readings..i am a "New Moon"..yay!!! :) hahaha..i have to get that Duran Duran song "New Moon On Monday" i was born on a Monday too!! How freaky! All this time i never knew that its actually my signature song. Mom got "crescent moon". Here's the photo of my moon that came with the reading..it was only $5 & it was worth it! coz the reading that i got is sooooo MEEEEEE!!

These are "witch balls"..me & mom held them when the lady told us to coz she said that it gives out powers of healing, relaxation, good spirits etc..mom didn't get anything from them, but when i held a blue bubbly one with green dots, i felt happy in a strange way or maybe it was coz it was funny that i was holding a witch ball..never heard of them before but apparently they've been around since the 1800s & people back then used to hang them on their tree outside to ward off evil..sort of like those stick figures in the "Blair Witch Project" but today most poeple keep them beside their bed & hold them for comfort. i would've bought one but even the small ones were soooo expensive!! I still find "witch balls" funny coz i think if the lady would've said "warlock balls" it would've made more sense..heh!


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