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4:15 p.m. - 2013-01-31
kim bashing

I'm currently reading this book:

i'm halfway through it..that Kim Fowley was the lowest of the lowest dogshit scum on the face of this earth!!! the way he treated those girls in the band, & the way he treated women in general makes even someone like Howard Stern look good! Kim's vocabulary of "dog-cunt", "dog-piss", "dog-shit" etc..was most of what he always said to those girls. Gawd this guy was sooo disrespectful towards females! there's a part in the book that makes him out to be the sickest fuck ever! i was totally shocked at what he did! I felt sorry for those girls, working so hard & they hardly saw any money from their concert performances & record sales. And look at Kim today..wearing a banana yellow leisure suit & holding a teddybear that looks just like him..i think an angry Ted would've suited him better..always dressed like a demonic clown with no ounce of guilt for whomever he fucked over. Sorry, i just got upset at what i read about him in the book..the guy who plays him in the film did an ok job of it coz his character pissed me off so much too! i gathered from viewing the film before reading the book that Kim was a jerk with a capitol "J"!


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