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8:02 p.m. - 2013-01-29

Name the last 10 people you saw outside of your home:
10) stew
09) lily
08) luca (really the sweetest guy you could ever know!)
07) fez (yess, he's back & sweet kitty,not like the last time!)
06) dorky dan (don't ask, LOL)
05) maria
04) travel agent (i'm buying my aunt's airplane ticket this time, saved up all my work money)

Name 9 movies that you saw at least a year ago:
09) moonrise kingdom
08) the falcon & the snowman
07) the artist
06) vidal sassoon
05) midnight in paris
04) my week with marilyn
03) that funny feeling
02) the life & times of peter sellers
01) rock of ages

Name 8 animals that you think are interesting:
08) flying lemur
07) kookaburra
06) dolphins
05) flamingos
04) black mambo snake
03) chinese crested dog
02) komodo dragon
01) those monkeys with the painted bums..mandrills

Name 7 blue things that you see in the room you're in:
07) my picnic at hanging rock postcard
06) blue sparkle board that i will diy stars to put on my closet walls
05) 1970s phone
04) alice in wonderland lunchbox
03) square carpet from ikea
02) blue duvet cover
01) pair of bellbottom jeans

Name 6 TV shows that you like:
06) project runway
05) honey boo-boo (only when there is nothing else on)
04) diners drive-ins & dives
03) cupcake wars
02) dance moms
01) freaks & geeks

Name 5 bands that you currently love:
5) tame impala
4) shiny toy guns
3) the zolas
2) ben wilkins (this guy sounds like jamiroquai!)
1) hey ocean!

Name 4 things that you wouldn't leave home without:
04) lipgloss
03) wallet
02) keys
01) sunglasses

Name 3 books that bored you:
03) the ramayana (sanskrit book in english of course) but it was just soooo long)
02) interview with a vampire - anne rice (i fell asleep while reading, no really i did!)
01) lady chatterly's lover - d.h. lawrence (i put the book down after just 2 pages of it)

Name 2 reasons why you like or dislike school:
01) i loooooooved playing in the school band.
02) i hated all the bullies that made my life a fucking hell!!
( more survey...Collapse )

Name 1 of your biggest current goals:
01) get my driver's license.

Do you wear hairbands as bracelets? both.
The weirdest thing you've done today is: gawd, im always doing weird things.
Do you play an instrument? piano,guitar,ukelele but i miss my drums
How many pillows are on the couch in your living room? two white shag ones.
If you could marry an object, what would it be? drive-in screen.
Favorite key on your keyboard: home. *sentimental*
What is the color of most your socks? all colours of the rainbow dude!
Do you like tacos? yup.
Hershey's Minis or M&M's? neither. reeses pieces!
The stupidest song ever in your opinion is: gangnam-style, its just been overplayed to the point of insanity.
Your favorite word: far-out.
Do you have a best friend? Yes.
Are you "smart"? sometimes, other times i can be naive or hasty.
Would you ever have a lime green wedding dress? nope, i don't look good in lime green.
Do you like shopping alone? not really, but i used to do that a lot in toronto on queen street when my friend linda couldn't meet with me & my mom was at her ballet meeting, my dad would drop me off & pick me up hours later, i wasn't afraid or anything like that, i quite enjoyed it.
Does your best girl friend have any talents that you don't? i'm the one with all the talents so my friends tell me all the time.
Have you ever written a song? yes i've written several.
Do you have any video game systems in your room? Which one(s)? nintendo. old skool :)
Is your skin tone lighter or darker than your momís? much lighter. i'm so ghostly.
Have you ever done another person's make-up? yup.
When was the last time it rained? today actually.
First celebrity crush? kurt cobain.
What color are your nails painted right now? minty green.
When was the last time you had ice cream? What kind was it? a few days back. its that yummy candy cane ice-cream with chocolate bits.
What is something that everyone seems to love, but you don't?: one direction.
Name a band that you wish never split up.: wolfmother!!
Has a movie ever ruined a book for you?: wuthering heights (the book is thousands better!)
Name a band that is different from every other band out there.: grimes.
Who's the most famous person you've met?: tom green. this was before he made it in films. he had a show in ottawa where i lived at the time & he was sitting on a bench outside second cup. he wasn't as funny in person..i actually made him laugh!
What is something you lack, personality wise.: pati
Name a song from your favourite band that isn't a single or well known.: timeworm - kula shaker.


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