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5:31 p.m. - 2013-01-22
moon madness mix + maternity mistake

Had a blast thriftshopping at Goodwill yesterday with Stew. Isn't Jan. 21st the most depressing day of the year? we made it FUN!!:D Okay, i found the most amazing pair of sparkly 70s platform shoes for only $6!! WOOT-WOOT!!! Platforms are the only type of shoes i can wear coz of my really bad ankles, they keep me firmly planted on the floor & i don't wobble like i'm totally tanked. I also got a large square buckle belt (the sort that Brigitte Bardot wore a lot in the 60s), a lilac polka dot tanktop, a 70s striped a-line dress & a cute ruffly sleeveless blouse (the sort that Lux Lisbon would wear), only it turns out that right after i paid for it & when i was looking through my stuff at the diner, i noticed that the tag said "maternity" on that top..OMG! Stew had a laugh about that..he kept on teasing me "so ummm..how many months are you along?".."who's the father, anyone i know?" & i said "hmmmm..i did have a dream last week about Ewan McGregor, i guess thats when it must've happened!".."can you get pregant in a dream??" & if he tells me for the 500th time to buy myself several jars of pickles, i'm gonna slap him silly!! i will have to cut the bottom off of the top & make it shorter & sew it so i won't look like i'm gonna have twins. Oh i also bought a book on Jodie Foster..i really liked her as Iris in "Taxi Driver".

Created a mix dedicated to the far-out moon & moonbeamsin our solar system & the first man whowalked on the moon, Neil Armstrong in 1969...unfortunately my computer skills are sooo limited & i tried to get on 8tracks.com but my music wouldn't upload so i'm so sorry that you cannot listen to the list i've put up.

Oh yeah forgot..on Saturday me & mom went to Kelsey's..the place was super-packed but we only had to wait 10 minutes & we sat at the end booth with Tom Cruise in all his Top Gun glory! sorry but never been a fan of his, so luckily i didn't get indigestion *giggles* anyways, we shared the deep fried pita with spinach dip platter..mmmm yummm!! i had the 8 piece mild bbq chicken wings with blue cheese dip, mom had her usual fav. fish n chips & then we shared a fried mars bar with vanilla bean ice-cream..ooooooh it was sooo good!!!


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