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2:06 p.m. - 2013-01-17
ballerina babe joan zamora

Saw 2 great films Tuesday night: "Compliance" (i highly recommend this movie!!!!), this is a creepy true story thriller on what happened in the States..at first i thought it was like the tv show Punk'd but the prank turned out to be real & very scary! Without giving too much away, its about a fast food joint that gets a call from a cop telling the manager or whomever is looking after the girl(an employee) in question to strip search her for supposedly stolen money..it gets weirder & weirder as the film progresses. the acting in it is brilliant, especially the woman manager of the fast food place, Sandra. Its soo amazing to watch that sometimes i forgot that it wasn't an actual documentary drama. By far, one of the most intriguing creepy films i've ever seen! & to think that this prank happened 70 times in different U.S. states!! & the fact that people actually did what they were told to do & never questioned the weirdness of it all. It really makes you think that even such a thing like this could happen!

The other film was "First Position", its a documentary of the lives of 6 aspiring ballet dancers & what they do to achieve their goals & they try out at the Youth America Grand Prix in New York. Awesome film!! One of the ballet dancers is a good-looking Columbian guy named Joan Sebastian Zamora..he won & is now dancing at the pretigious royal ballet in England. Mmmmmmmm..

They also showed him with his family in Columbia, they did this outdoor traditional barbecue, made some sort of yummy looking soup. He also said that he eats rice & beans every day. I love reading about people's international foods, & i've never tried rice with beans before until yesterday when i went to Williams Cafe & i ordered a chicken rice in a box which came with black beans, feta cheese, corn, tomatoes, avocados, & a yummy garlic yogurt sauce..BEST THING I'VE EVER ATE!!!!!! & yeah i could eat rice & beans every day too.


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