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2:08 p.m. - 2013-01-16
road trip

Yesterday me & mom went for the first time to the Mapleview Mall in Burlington. Mom went totally ga-ga over Victoria's Secret..that store is soooo expensive!!! i only got a body mist spray. Mom being a dance teacher, nearly bought out the whole store (only kidding!), she did spend over $100 though. Next door was Sephora, i got a pink cupcake hello kitty nail polish & special effects sweet way nail polish which will be perfect for easter since it looks like easter egg sprinkles. A girl who worked there with Courtney Love style hair came up to me & said that my style is so amazing & reminds her of Betsey Johnson..:D yay!! OMG, that is like the BEST compliment i EVER got!! Betsey Johnson is like my idol! The mall actually had a Forever 21, i've been hearing so many things about this store so of course i was happycakes to go in there! i got a pair of green 60s style shorts, 60s style orange miniskirt, & tons of hair stuff. then we went to Ikea & had dinner..mmmm..cannot get enough of Swedish meatballs & almond cake! (i usually make my own, i am 2/3 part Swedish..my great-great-grand-dad). I got this fillsta table lamp..i've been wanting one of ages & every time we go i haven't picked one up until now..there were loads of orange ones but my bedroom colour theme is basically green/yellow/blue/pink so the orange one would've clashed in a bad way & luckily there was one white left! we mostly bought chinese style dishes coz we wok a lot, this groovy 60s op-dot felt blue carpet, apple patio lights, lingonberry jam..headed to fortino's before closing time & ordered their fab pizza.


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