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4:35 p.m. - 2013-01-10
Druid Animal Oracle Reading

me & Stew did our tarot readings yesterday in his flat on a magic carpet, the smell of Arabian Spice incense burning in the air, candles lit, & soothing Enigma music around us..i drew the otter card:
Meaning - Dobhran invites us to play, to "go with the flow" of life & experience - to become a child again. (ummmm..i still act 5 years old sometimes *SHUT UP STEW* hahaha..yeah, i can be sooo annoying!) So this card basically is telling me to have more fun in life (i think i have way too much fun already even though i have 2 jobs & taking a catering course in college & occasionally doing the odd indie modeling for a friend's photography career).
I liked the reverse meaning of the card: Are you "pushing the river" - going against the natural course of events, perhaps out of fear or stubbornness? Try letting go, relaxing & trusting in life. Dobhran urges us to be playful, we must beware of becoming the playboy or girl who uses play as an escape from the demands & responsibilities of adulthood (oooooh this card knows me sooo well it scares me!!!!)
This would be my New Year's Resolution (even though i don't believe in making them coz i never follow through), but i really should be more responsible & grow up (well, a little bit *giggles*)


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