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2:40 p.m. - 2013-01-06
happy 2013!

Happy New Year Everyone! HOpe it will be a better one! Me & mom went to Stew's Party. Had way too much cocktails. We played angry bird toss game. I won a prize. Danced like crazy - we all did Gangnam style..it was hilarious!!

The other day i had fun thrifting with friends. I got 2 dresses, tons of books, & a pair of victorian style mary-janes. Oh & i scored Beach Blanket Bingo on dvd..1965 film..yay!!

I used to do a favourites list of the year-end..so i'll do one quickly of 2012 now:
1. Fav. Film: Moonrise Kingdom (a gem!!)
2. Fav. Song: TV Show - The Shiffers
3. Fav. Album: okay i have 2 - Born To Die - Lana Del Rey & Synthetica - Metric
3. Best Discovered Music: La Sera
4. Best TV Show: Dance Moms (even tho its not a show that debuted in 2012, but its a show that i was constantly watching all year!)
5. Best Discovered Food: Vietnamese pho soup!
6. Best Make-Up Products: Essence (its soo damn cheap & its good!)
7. Best Comedy Film: Ted! i have a huge teddy that looks like him but his name is Cooper & i wish he would come alive.
8. Best Saying: "eat cake for breakfast"
9. Best Dance MOves: Psy (Gangnam Style)
10. Best Trend: i don't follow trends but if i had to pick one..ummmmm..galaxy print pants.

Had a BLAST playing glow-in-the-dark mini-golf..how groovy is this lava lamp!!


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