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7:05 p.m. - 2012-12-19
trashy motel vibes

I often think of that whole Bates Motel experience back in the 90s, the towel holder that came off the wall, the shower head my mom totally damaged by accident, playing rummoli on the smelly 70s brown flower print duvet cover becuz i had a major panic attack & i had to calm down, Norman Bates himself dropping in uninvited to tell us that we shouldn't be heating the entire city (the manager who looked a bit of a flake in faded denim with a loony tune grin on his face like he was doing us a favour!)PUH-LEEEZE!! Ahhhh, the memories *giggles* a time when i disappeared into PJ Harvey songs, wore Kurt Cobain sneakers, & smeared red lips. PJ Harvey was a large resurgence style-wise in my high school years & i find myself visiting that part of me once again.

As for that motel..

Okay, it really did resemble the motel in Psycho minus the sign, i don't recall what the motel's name was but i do know it was near the airport strip & it looked a mess..the reason why we chose that motel? we arrived in Toronto very late & my mom had to go to her annual ballet meeting & most of the hotels were all booked so my dad drove around, he got lost several times (dads hate looking at maps, dont they!), so we had no choice coz it was nearing midnight & VOILA! there was the Bates Motel (i do remember that it was chilly & raining much like the scene when Janet Leigh is driving aimlessly on the highway & the bright lights from other vehicles made it hard to see where we were.

**NOTE**I used to have severe panic attacks from things like sitting in certain classrooms i hated, thunderstorms & downpours, strange places & deep feelings of isolation.


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