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5:33 p.m. - 2012-12-13
gnawing squirrel

OMG!!!!Yesterday i was chillin' with Maria in her red hot chili peppered kitchen when we heard loud chewing noises..we checked cupboards, little nooks n crannies..nothing. The noise stopped, so we went back to making crafts & forgot about it, but then when she went to open her backdoor, the whole screen was missing..she panicked & thought someone was trying to get in..she was thinking of calling the cops when a big furry thing appeared at the messed up door, it turned out that a squirrel had this vendetta against Maria & chewed off her screen door! We totally cracked up..it was hilarious! But then we had that happen back in Ottawa, only it was just a hole in the screen door. Maria told me that she was feeding this squirrel for awhile but it had disappeared for a few days so she stopped putting peanuts out. Squirrels can be so damn weird! So she has to put in a new screen door & buy a bigger bag of peanuts..haha..its not really funny but yeah its freakin' FUNNEEEEE!!!!

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