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4:55 p.m. - 2012-11-27
trooper sucker!

Went with friends on the weekend on a road trip to Guelph to visit Paul Szewc's Art Gallery..well, on the way there, right when Al took a turn off the highway, we got pulled over by a cop who clearly had no donuts yet for lunch! And we got pulled over for the stupidest thing in the world!! Al's backlight on the left side had a blinker problem & he explained to the cop that he was getting it fixed & that he had an appointment the next day! The cop in the meantime was looking at each of us suspiciously & i had the urge to tell him we're on our way to steal a bunch of artwork! Why do cops always look suspicious & make innocent people feel like we're hiding something & they treat the criminals like V.I.P.!!?? Anyways, Al was lucky to not get any points off or pay a fine..ridiculous that we were stopped in the first place! Finally after a painstaking 15 minutes, we were on our way to the gallery..Maria got told off for using her digicam, we weren't allowed to take any pics inside but it was amazing to look at all the groovy paintings & stuff..it felt very Nordic inside the place which made me feel homesick.
Marilyn Monroe & Joe DiMaggio buildings in Mississauga..i'd looove to live there! but i won't go any higher than the 4th floor.


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