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4:02 p.m. - 2012-11-22
Liz & Dick

I'm soooo excited to see Liz & Dick on Sunday!!!!! I think Lynsey Lohan looks incredible as Elizabeth Taylor! I've been a fan of hers since i saw her in Confessions of A Drama Queen..hahaha..how appropriate title if you think about all the dramas she's been in through her personal life..she's got spunk & i love her for it. Grant Bowler is going to be Richard Burton, never heard of this actor but when i saw the previews, there's something about him that reminds me of Burton so i think he's a pretty good choice too. Andy Hirsch (oooooh he's a cutie!!) he plays Eddie Fisher, singer who dumped Debbie Reynolds to marry Liz..geeez, how many times was Liz married to different guys???? 50x? I've never even had a marriage proposal yet! well, not that i want one anyways. It's fun being single! besides i'm still way too young to even consider being tied down..yeeeesh! Yeah i can just picture myself Miss Betty Crocker of the month or the quirky retro version of Martha Stewart.

What irks me..the lifetime channel hosts 2 of my most fav. shows..Dance Moms & Abby's Dance Challenge & the free preview ends next week before we know the winner of the dance challenge which really sucks coz i don't know how much extra its gonna cost us to buy this channel..dance moms used to be free on the Slice channel but they took it off from there..Canadians are expected to pay for everything..SUCKY-DOODLE!!


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