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5:08 p.m. - 2012-11-13
Vinny Fathead cartoonist

I wish my cat would come with sub-titles so that i know what he's shouting about..haha. This weekend was super thrilling..i had the amazing chance to meet with Vinny, an up&coming cartoonist at Chapters over the weekend..he is a local artist & he is awesome!!!!! i asked him if he's going to have his own tv show & he said that he's working on it..it was sweet of him to autograph the Fathead punk rocker drawing for me :)

We had 2 incredible spring-like days where i could wear shorts & air out my legs & then there was the yucky cold rain yesterday! Got our pink christmas tree thanks to the Seth Rogan-like dude in Guns n Roses t-shirt who searched like crazzzzy to find us one in the store!..other than the tree, i didn't shop too much, i only got Essence yellow eyeshadow in John Lemon,lol. i love that name!! & Revlon's Dreamer nail polish coz it was only $3 on sale. I'm iching like MAD to go to the flea market..i have to save up my work money.


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