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4:00 p.m. - 2012-11-08
bond...james bond!

Because..i hate having to start a sentence with the word because, but i couldn't think of another way to start..*giggles* anyways, because its James Bond's 50th anniversary, my mom is planning on doing an opening number for the Recital 2013..the older dance students love this idea a lot & they've picked the James Bond Theme by Moby coz its faster (i much prefer the original theme one but yeah i can see why they'd want to dance to the other one) & its going to be half of that song mixed in with Duran Duran's A View To A Kill. Oh & everyone loves Skyfall by Adele a lot, so my mom is gonna choreograph a contemporary number with that song, i will help of course since i used to take modern dance & i know quite a few Limon steps. I really really miss modern with Jean-Paul Bellefleur, the funniest quirkiest gay guy i'd ever met, well him & my best friend Stew, it's like they've been seperated at birth! Jean used to lug his bicycle up the steep long stairs to the dance studio every day wearing his funky straw hat with daisies. We did a dance to Deep Forest's Sweet Lullaby, probably the most fun i've ever had dancing on stage!! I hated the costumes though, they were ugly shade of green, long sleeve cotton shirt with grey leggings & we had to pin faux autumn leaves everywhere..one girl lost a pin during the dance & someone stepped on it & bled like crazy. We were allowed a 35 second student choreography in-between each of our group spotlights which was so much fun!

Going back to James Bond, our fav. is Roger Moore..he was soo dashing, posh, such a gentleman, in the 7 films he made..my fav. Bond film is Octopussy coz of the circus scenes..i'm a sucker for anything circus. I own both vol. 1 & 2 of Roger Moore collection however, i was disappointed that they left out A View To A Kill! That was his last film before the fuglies took over for him..the worst looking one being Daniel Craig..ugh!!


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