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4:45 p.m. - 2012-11-01
hurricanes + time warps

Soooooooooo mucho MUCHO fun last night!!!! Before the party, me & my friend took her little sister out trick o treatin' & people gave us candy too!:) We were dressed up in costumes all ready for the party. Most peoples homes were decorated soo amazing! One guy had the biggest pumpkin we ever saw carved out, another house had an outdoor disco ball machine with music, and another house had a huge pussycat face in window. We headed back when it started to rain. The party was a blast! Addams Family game, hot dog croissants, fondant cake, worm cupcakes, doing the time warp, haunted scavenger hunt outside..

Hurricane Sandy hit Southern Ontario very hard too!! We had non-stop rain all week..the worst was Monday night when we had to go grocery shopping..just as we walked to the door of the store, the lights went out & we weren't allowed to enter, so we turned around & then the lights went on, so we were let in, they were walking around with flashlights & told us to quickly do our shopping in case the lights go off again, so when we finished & headed towards the cash, the lights went off again! It was super scary coz we could hear the winds pounding on the windows..there were quite a lot of poeple in the grocery store still doing their shopping in the dark, we were told that the cash machines will go down in 30 minutes, so luckily we were able to pay for our groceries..when we left lights were still off & the entire mall was in darkness too..soo fuckin' weird coz when we got home, noone had a power outage in our area & it was only that one mall & grocery store..but yesterday, there was a power outage across the ways from us where we were supposed to go trick o treatin' so we ended up in another area. Screme eggs are yummy!! ummm..yeah, so basically thats what happened during the week..other than that, our fuckin kitchen sink is plugged up so goddammn much that my mom's friend's husband is trying to fix it..there's no FUCKIN' way in HELL, that we can afford a plumber..you know how much those fuckers charge!!!


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