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3:52 p.m. - 2012-10-11
october mix cd

I made another mix cd using Verbatim's retro vinyls..these are beyond groovy!!

1. Lolita - Lana Del Rey
2. TV Show - The Shiffers
3. If You Want to Sing Out Sing Out - Cat Stevens
4. Lollipop - The Chordettes
5. Love Fool - The Cardigans
6. Barberella - The Shiffers
7. Come Back - The Belles
8. Dumb Blonde - Dolly Parton
9. Left Too Late - Florrie
10. The Killing Moon - Nouvelle Vague
11. Jail La La - Dum Dum Girls
12. Roxy Roller - Nick Gilder
13. Driving In Car With Boys - Lana Del Rey
14. Wild Young Hearts - The Noisettes
15. Melody - Lena Katina feat. Clark Owen
16. Never Forget You - The Noisettes
17. Girls - Lust For Life
18. Feral Love - Wakey! Wakey!
19. Sleepwalking - Cosmetics
20. Summer Sun - Miami Horror

A friend of a friend of a friend set me up for a 1960s mod photo shoot & it all went down yesterday after my catering class at college..me & Stew got there & the photographer liked him a lot too so he was able to get in some shots in a tight black suit & tie..i wore a pink wig & a long blue wig wearing some cute authentic 60s dresses..this is for a uni mag. Umm..oh yeah, i had my eye make-up done like Twiggy & i loved wearing an orange/pink striped mini-dress & i got to keep it..yipeeeee!!!! It was tons of fun, loved the geo-metric shapes in the background & the photo-guy played groovy 60s music to get us all in the mood. Afterwards, me & Stew went to the Pan cafe for some vegan sustanance. We felt like famous models walking around & speaking in cryptic French.

Almost finished reading "Lucy In the Sky" by Anonymous..its similar to "Go Ask Alice" but it takes place today..the girl who wrote it goes through tough times with drug experimenting..why is is that they say when you start with weed you go on to harder drugs? thats not always the case..i know people who just take weed & thats it. Anyways, she then graduates to cocaine, then crystal meth (tina) & then heroin..she also tries lsd too just coz she doesn't want to be left behind..what a moronic idiotic thing to say..if i were to do drugs, i'd do it without anyone pushing me to do it..i don't know, she strikes me as a really dumb ass who can't decide for herself. It's a really great book to read!!


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