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5:45 p.m. - 2012-10-09
slasher films + q&a

My Favorite Slasher Films:

1. black christmas 1974.
2. halloween 1978.
3. friday the 13th 1980.
4. april fool's day.
5. prom night 1980.
6. the strangers.

Who is your favorite villain from a TV show or a movie?
ruth gordon in "rosemary's baby"..hahaha..she is sooo likeable!!
Name three of your favorite scary movies!
"the visitors"(swedish horror), "the haunting"(1960 horror), & "black christmas"(1974)
& "the ring"..oh "the changeling".
If you could spend the day with any superhero who would you pick?
i don't really care for superheros but if i had to pick one..spiderman.
Are you a fan of werewolfs or vampires?
vampires.."lost boys"!!
What is your favorite famous horror scene?
ooooh this is tough! umm..when the boy ghost comes up in the floor in "the changeling"..that freaks me out soo bad!!

Thanksgiving was quite quiet & very chilly outside & rainy & just stay in bundled on a couch watching horror films weather. I made acorn treats. Had turkey. Very traditional. Pumpkin pie. Did halloween decorating around the house. Made haunted gingerbread house. Things i got over the weekend..Wizard of Oz tin box, coconut lipsmacker, pillsbury strawberry strudel candle, hello kitty kiss t-shirt, cotton candy green nail polish, essence bubble babe shine lipgloss, organo gold hot chocolate.


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