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5:15 p.m. - 2012-09-25
top 20 favs...

20 Things I'm In Love With:

1. heart pizza.
2. kittycat shoes.
3. mochi pops.
4. lip sweaters.
5. bathtub garden.
6. candy ice cream sundaes.
7. chanel designer nails.
8. glass orb plant hangers.
9. joe's baie sauvage (i get soo many compliments when i wear this)
10. quo's fairy dust eyeshadow.
11. above the knuckle rings.
12. criss cross hair.
13. flower basket bicycle.
14. my little pony wedgies.
15. spiritual kitties.
16. galactic planet lollipops.
17. swedish meatballs (i make them myself though)
18. hitchcock filmfest.
19. power puff girls bubbles knee-high socks (everyone asks me where i got them when i wear them, they think its super cute :)
20. long black skirts.


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