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8:05 p.m. - 2012-09-13
rewind to the 90s

Yesterday, after my class i went to a 90s themed party, i had to quickly change on the bus on the way to Stew's friends flat..Stew helped me..we were sitting at the back & there were hardly anyone around & i kept wondering if the bus driver was sneaking glances our way or not & Stew called me "paranoid" *my middle name* haha..its not like i was doing a freakin' striptease or anything sleazy like that..gawd, everyone knows i'm the most shyest girl on the freakin' planet!! Anyways, i didn't have to put on a wig coz i was Garth & i put on a pair of geeky glasses, an old Guns n Roses t-shirt & flannel shirt, can you guess who Stew went as?? yup, Wayne! Party was a BLAST!!! we played a 90s questionnaire game..here are some of the questions i remembered that i was asked..

What is your favorite movie and sitcom from the 90s?

Hands down..My Own Private Idaho!!!!! closely followed by Dazed n Confused. And sitcom, That 70s Show!

Did you have a favorite boy band or celeb you were obsessed with back in the day?

Boy band..UGH!! however, i am sooo embarrassed to admit that i used to love listening to New Kids On the Block..*shameful* thats coz i had a super crush on Mark Whalberg. But enough of that..yeah everone laughed at me in a good way at the party only when i threatened them with vegan brownie ninja weapons! But, i will always looooove Kurt Cobain..he was the guy i've always obssessed about..i even bought the same pair of sneakers as him just so i could feel closeness in some way to him.

Did you play video games? If so what are your top 3?

Super Mario Brothers..Uncle Fester's Quest..Formula One Racing. I still play.

Any fashion trends that you wish would come back again?

Babydoll dresses that Courtney Love wore..knee-highs are still going strong..the way F/X store in Toronto used to be, rave clothing..i miss having a long rave skirt with pockets, Ragdoll fashion, ragdoll t-shirts, wearing baubles in hair, just the entire rave culture, the way it was, soo exciting & fun!!

What is one song that you would say defines the 90s?

Groove soundtrack, & Trainspotting soundtrack!!! Song: Heaven Scent - Digweed. of course many great bands like Kula Shaker, Air, Oasis, Blur, Prodigy, Chemical Brothers, any band you would see at the Glastonbury Festival etc..

Went to Ikea today with mom, fun Burlington road trip, had a groovy time eating upstairs in the restaurant at the window..Swedish meatballs were sooo good with lingonberry sauce (i'm not sure if i make them better tho..haha), vegetable medals, princess cakes & punsch rolls..yumm!! Got groovy bright blue/white tree design curtains for the music room (they remind me of Salvador Dali paintings), ummm..a yellow pop art mirror, green shag carpet..etc..haha..my friends when they come over, they feel like they are part of Warhol's factory :)


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