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8:31 p.m. - 2012-09-03
"found yourself in a new direction, aeons far from the sun.."

Starting school tomorrow..yeeeps! its only gonna be orientation something..its during the afternoon, but my classes will run in the mornings & its gonna be on mondays, tuesdays, & wednesdays, except this wednesday which is great coz me & mom are driving down to Ikea. Soooo much planned for this year including, if things go well, a road trip to New York (i'm dying to walk down Greenwich Village where the likes of Bob Dylan took strolls there in the 60s!!!!!!), a road trip to Las Vegas..we're doing our passports soon. My mom's friend wants to take us to the huge cheesecake factory in New Jersey or somewhere there..(ummmm..i don't know about that,lol..im not too keen on cheesecakes anymore).

Went to value village today & got a 1960s print funky cap, a psychedelic print t-shirt, a turqoise-y long wig coz i'm going to be a mermaid for halloween, ummm..a pair of black riding boots perfect for winter, they go up to my knees..yay!! a chunky glitter ring with a shell in it, i can't remember what else..tonight i'm watching "Teachers" my fav. 80s film!! its gonna get me into the mood. Stew is picking me up tomorrow & i'm going with him..he is so supportive & makes me feel braver. i got 4 panels of the most grooviest 60s green/blue mod patterned curtains from pier imports, it cost me a fortune but it was well worth it, it goes well with the green shade of my walls. i will probably update on thursdays or whenever i have the time.


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