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5:21 p.m. - 2012-08-30
busy bee

I've signed up for a catering class at the local college coz i looove working with foods & being creative with them..its something on the side, but i still have my other jobs..costume-designer/seamstress, secretary & treasurer & school accountant, so ja i am becoming busy very busy soon as September starts & i don't think i'll be updating often as i used to in here..this diary is quite pointless & a waste of time anyways, well thats how i feel about it. oh & i half-way finished my photography class but got bored with it..i can't seem to like one thing for too long, i always move on to other things after a while.

Other happenings..major house redecorating in case we have to move in the near future to an apartment, getting rid of furniture, the French roofer guy is walking on our roof right now looking for leaks, he's gonna do a lot of fixing on the outside of the house for dirt cheap thankfully!! thats coz he's a friend of my mom's friend of a friend & so forth, he fixes homes here & then in the winter he fixes homes in Florida..lucky man! i can actually smell his cigarette smoke coming through my bedroom window..ugh! anyways, he's gonna take most of the furniture that we don't want anymore, including the big kitchen table & chairs which have become too big for just me & mom & most of the time when my friends come over, we either sit in my music room or outside on the grass anyways, so we have ordered a smaller folding kitchen table with 2 chairs..i'm gonna be sad to see our kitchen table go coz i remember my dad putting it together & oh god i think i'm gonna cry, he always sat across from me & mom :( okay, anyways, back to track, that guy is also gonna take 2 bicycles that i don't use anymore including my 1970s chopper bike which i'm sad to get rid of but its too hard to pedal & i like my new retro red bike with the long handlebars. Ummm..so yah, lots of things happening here. i also been reorganizing my rooms, minimizing stuff, throwing out stuff, i HATE clutter, i like hardly anything around coz clutter makes me claustrophic!

So lately what i like: purple haze hair streaks in my hair, mint kit-kat, listening to The Hives, reading Diva by Jillian Larkin, big paper flowers on wall, 60s mod prints, the film "Gone" (such a great thriller!!), Evelyn & Crabree's Lily of the Valley perfume, that earth harp guy on AGT who reminds me of Wayne Coyne, spirit dolls, bacon cupcakes, Fifi Lapin, revisiting the Brit.Pop 90s with Elastica music, peace sign pancakes, floral print doc martens, cupcake scented body lotion.


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