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2:10 p.m. - 2012-08-28
freaks n geeks

Freaks & Geeks is finally being shown here!! I was flicking through channels on Sunday when i came across it & screamed with joy. Its a show that my friends in the States were telling me about years ago & now i get to finally see it & i am looooving it! Especially that it takes place in the early 80s & i can see 70s clothing influences too. Kim Kelly is my fav. character in the show, she's played by one of my fav. under-rated actresses Busy Phillips..she was awesome in "The Smokers" too!!! And of course yummalicious James Franco is in the show..ooooh-la-la!! I wish they'd sell this show on dvd! I haven't seen it in the shops yet.

I miss Ikea! I haven't been since last year..its my fav. place on earth to hang out & literally hoover up all the groovy stuff there! I also love Fortinos next door..its THE best grocery store in Canada!! only coz they have the special pizza place where they make the pizzas fresh out of the old-fashioned oven & the crust is crunchy & thin just the way i like it. Oh & Fortinos has Montreal bagels..there's nothing like it anywhere else. It sucks though that it takes us an hour drive on the highway to get there.

Stew was gushing on the phone last night about his latest male conquest..*sigh* he has more luck in the male department then i do! & thats coz i never make the first move..i'm sooo old-fashioned that way & very shy when it comes to guys that i just can't do it, i don't feel its right that the girl should have to act like the predatory wolf & corner a guy into going out on a date. I really was born in the wrong decade!


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