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10:15 p.m. - 2012-08-21
tourist for the day

OMG, yeah i practically flew home like a wild goose just so i wouldn't miss the "wild card" America's Got Talent..why i love this show? becuz it showcases the varieties of quirky oddball talents like myself..even though i would never want to actually step on that stage, i've always been known for my talent in "stage fright"! i've done the odd piano concerts here and there, sang in a choir, played guitar in front of millions..well, to a 10 year old, the church people seemed like Wembley Stadium and of course i forgot a few chords. I've competed in tap, and stage but being in a large group of dancers, stage fright didn't rear its ugly head then. Anyways, i like the show coz i see poeple like me doing what they do best, and that is simply being "creative".

Yesterday was a fun day..spent it at Clifton Hill, ate at Hard Rock Cafe sitting beneath John Lennon's picture..gosh that guy follows me around everywhere..haha..*sigh* I had chicken mac n cheese..mmmmm!! Mom had fish n chips, and we shared a keylime pie dessert shot..never had one of those before,ooooh the tangy whipped cream..the waitress was super nice, she apologized that they didn't have any chocolate milk coz she likes it too and keylime pie too, so we high-fived each other. Afterwards, me and mom had a blast shopping around..ummm..mostly candies from Sugar Mountain..that song just popped into my head.."iiiiiii want candy!!" and then it was Jurassic Park mini-golf at night with T-Rex, triceratops, brontosaurus, etc..i'm such a huge fan of dinosaurs! there was a huge mountain that kept on erupting volcanic fire and people kept screaming..it was funny! at one point, we had to wait our turn, so we sat down on a bench and we heard thunderous movement & T-Rex growling behind us..it felt so real! It's fun to play tourist for the day minus the tourist official unisex uniforms..GAHHHH!! i wouldn't be caught dead in kaki shorts, golf t-shirt, and sandals with socks!

I'm iching badly to go to Out of the Past thriftshop..i really want an authentic 60s mini dress!!!!!! i've been re-doing my room and inspiration boards with 60s stuff, i want 60s flower print curtains in a nice yellow/green to make my room look more cheerful and reflect on my personality more and i've taken out my drawers and now i have an alcove which i want to look more like a 60s dressing room. And i want to start rollerskating again on my driveway!

The photo shoot on Saturday went pretty good, i had my hair done in victory rolls, then pin-curls by a girl who really great with my hair, and i was given several pretty 1950s outfits to wear, i had some pictures done in studio, some outside in a garden of peonies near a waterfall. The photographer was a bit impatient and made me feel uncomfortable, so i was glad to be done and outta there in 2 hours! Its just for a local paper and i was interviewed briefly with some questions..hahaha..what is my fav. decade? i got an odd look when i said the 1960s..you know i just did a 1950s photoshoot. I kinda got bored of the 50s like i've mentioned before and its coz the 60s was all about change, bright colours, radicalism, revolution, and basically FUN!

Oh last night, mom told me that Phyllis Diller died..who??? she said she was a legendary comedienne with the big throaty laugh, i have no idea who she is/was? i all of a sudden though of the woman who was on Dancing With the Stars, but i couldn't remember her name, neither could mom, until i googled "The Last Picture Show", Peter Bogdonavich directed it, its a good film, but it was Cloris Leachman..why i mixed those 2 up i don't know? Also, umm..the guy who directed "Pelham 123" died of a suicide?? Tony Scott..why would someone who's aged 68 would wanna commit suicide? why would anyone wanna commit suicide? it doesn't make sense..i couldn't sleep for hours last night coz i kept on thinking it was Ridley Scott and i went through most of the films i could remember..gawd, the stuff that keeps me awake at night!

Oh and guess who is up for the part of Freddie Mercury in the film about Queen?? that banana hammocked idiot Borat..Sasha whatshisname? Is this gonna be a comedy film? what a shame it would be though, i think Freddie would deserve a proper drama film wouldn't you think? although, i could see Sasha in that role if he can do drama real good! What do you think?


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