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1:57 p.m. - 2012-08-20
take it as it comes...

OMG, this is rather embarassing to admit..i know its tough for me to find friends, yeah, i do have a few very very good friends even though we don't really have much in common except Stew, he's the only one who gets me and is quirky oddball like me, but the reason why i have those friends is becuz their moms are best friends with my mom..yeah. I'm embarassed coz i didn't find them on my own, i was introduced to them. For some reason, that really bothers me. But hey, i've known them several years now, and we sometimes hang out, most of the time everyone lives their seperate lives, you know, work, dating etc..but we keep in touch by phone & do things on some weekends. But, i never ever kept in touch with any of my high school friends, even though they were only one or two, i've never been popular or had many many friends. I'm still very socially weird-ass.

Some awesome news...i finally found the vanity set i've been wanting for eons!!!! i managed to save up my work money and bought it on Saturday at Pier Imports..they only had one left, the floor model, so i grabbed that and they gave me a good discount on it! its Ashworth vanity table in chocolate colour, i really wanted it in antique white but the salesgirl talked me out of it coz she said that after a while, you can't match anything with it coz it will look yellow. It made sense. The only thing i don't have, is the chair..i really want a 60s style round leather one. I also picked up their floor model night table in the same shade. I just have to change my computer table to the same colour coz right now its a cheap white Ikea one and it loooks so bad with the rest of my stuff now.

I cannot get enough of lavendar strawberry cupcakes!! Last night i watched "Marie Antoinette"..i love that film, i just never like the ending! Kirsten Dunst is my fav. actress, i've seen every film she ever makes.


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