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7:32 p.m. - 2012-08-16
generation WHAT??

There just isn't much to get excited about when it comes to music or fashion nowadays..i remember when i was in high school in the 90s, OMG, there was soooo much thrilling stuff going on!!!! There was the club kid scene/ravers..the whole techno thing, the shop Numb in Toronto was packed with rave clothing, ragdoll clothing, those long skirts with mesh pockets, platform sneakers, when glitter nail polish was the freakin' coolest thing to wear! You could get sample cassettes of DJ music like jungle beats, ambient, etc..i went to a rave with friends wearing my twisty worm plushies in my hair. Now Numb is still around, but it sells boring beige/black clothing stuff, mostly for those skater guys who aren't as exciting to look at as they were in the 90s. Then there was F/X, they used to sell Betsy Johnson stuff, like her amazing vinyl rave mini skirts with poufs and faux fur, ummm..Sailor Moon stuff, lots of cute knick knacks, funky postcards, and sooo many rave stuff..now its been turned into a i-can't-afford-prom-dresses shop! Peach Berzerk used to be exciting to go into too, they used to sell handmade plastic funky chunky rings..huge flower ones, beaded one of a kind necklaces, usually outerspace ones, tons of amazing silk-screened clothing items and i used to collect their cute little fashion booklets..now its quite small in size,hardly anything worth to look at. And also, the cool shops along Queen St. used to have tons of rave pamphlets to collect or use for a rave, i still have a tin box full of them..now, you can hardly find any creative pamphlets around..probably coz of the stinkin' poor economy! It's killing all the creativity and artists are way beyond struggling.

Several thriftshops thankfully have remained intact in Toronto and of course Urban Outfitters and Klic klac stores still offer cool stuff, but really what the hell NEW stuff really DID come out of the millenium..basically its regurgitating stuff in the wrong way. Music?? i don't even wanna go there. Besides the rave culture in the 90s, there was the grunge scene and riot grrrl scene which i loooved!! when i saw Courtney Love and heard Hole for the first time, i wanted to be her!! I loved her kinderwhore style, i got excited to hit the shops..i even had grunge sneakers the exact same as Kurt Cobain. Music was new, fashion was FUN BEYOND FUN!! Then came electronica and the indie music scene which was exciting..i was a huge fan of At the Drive-In!! There were so many new stuff that came out then..oh yeah, i can't forget the resurgence of BRIT.POP!! WOOOO-HOOO!!!! and all the Brit. pop films that followed..WHERE ARE GREAT BRITISH FILMS THESE DAYS???

It started with Blur, Oasis, Pulp, then Trainspotting, Shallow Grave etc..OMG!! i was head over heels in love with anything British! I own all the best indie Brit. films that came out then. I had the biggest crush on Ewan McGregor!! there were soo many styles and fun that my head went into a spin!

These days, i'm still waiting for something new to explode unto the world..can anyone even come up with something new?? everything has already been done now..every dance song on the radio is starting to bore the fuck out of me..sometimes i can't even tell the difference between them anymore and the fashion..i don't know..give me the 1960s PLEEEEEESE!!!! I wonder when we get to 2020..is it gonna be a flapper world? when its 2060, are people going to make up their own revolution? is there going to be a new Beatles? 2070..back to disco? 2080, a new MJ is born? etc..etc..or is everything going to get even more boring and dark and depressing? Where are those moving sidewalks that George Orwell spoke of in 1984? Unfortunately, the millenium is the violent generation where the new fashion accessory is a pair of rifles and a package of bombs!


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