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9:32 p.m. - 2012-08-07
beach blanket bingo

Long weekend was spent with friends having a groovy time at the beach, listening to Beach Boys, waffle-boarding, a funny game of beach volleyball, walking on volcanic hot sands, watching the yachts, eating lime tortillas, burying Stew in the sand, throwing flipflops at Maria's boyfriend coz he splashed me with water when i wasn't ready, riding the carousel 5 times and feeling like a giddy little girl, a luau-out with Caribbean music, moss weed freesbee toss..don't ask, haha..Olympic style water polo with a giant beach ball, getting sunburnt bad girl!! um..what else, coney island style weenies, pina colada smoothies, drawing happy faces in the sand, Gigdet film=athon.


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