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10:04 p.m. - 2012-08-01

It's like living inside a magical crystal ball world, our backyard is filled with wonders..yesterday, i was on my swing chair when i noticed a tiny hummingbird in our garden, it flew right in front of me chicking me out, it was the most amazing sight i've ever seen. We are feeding one baby rat, a baby possum, an orange tabby cat, and a family of racoons, its like being in middle earth minus the hobbits and wizards. I crave the film Neverending Story!! I've often fantasized having one of those giant white dragons to fly around on and chasing all my bullies down!

Last night, watched The Graduate, we've been having late night 1960s film marathons coz of the heatwave, its rather impossible to sleep. But last night, it was particularly very sticky humid hot, so after the film, i couldn't sleep, so i listened to The Ice Storm soundtrack in bed, i just love the song Levan by Elton John, it made me sleepy and i drifted off.

Lovin: lime tortilla chips, artichoke pizza, my little pony hair, sour gummi bears, hazelnut decaf latte, playing my ukelele in the garden..


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