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4:29 p.m. - 2012-07-26
photo shoot

Woweeeee!! i am soooo thrilled!! okay, even though i'm not so much into the 1950s as i've been before, i was at a cafe buying a pineapple muffin when some burly guy approached me and told me that i have Betty Grable qualities and if i would be interested in an outdoor photo shoot..ooooh my YESS!!! its for a local magazine and they are doing a piece on pin-ups of today..incidentally, i had my hair-do up and in curls like Betty Grable wore in her famous bikini picture..i only did my hair like that coz it was a whopping 40 humidex outside and i was way too hot to even care what my hair looks like..funny, thats when i get the best compliments, when i think i look my absolute worse! so this photo shoot is schuduled for Aug. 18..can't wait!!!!!!!


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