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10:27 p.m. - 2012-07-25

Lovin': black & white striped leggings, Domo monster bag, 80s style earcuffs, Rebel Girl Ed Hardy perfume, pearl collar necklace, Blondie t-shirt from H&M, green jeans, pink Andy Warhol-like sunglasses, Caryl Baker lipstick in Vintage (very minty blue!), Zombie Zack figurine, giant sapphire spider ring, white t-shirt with black cat on it, Billie's bubblegum pink lipstick, Colorshow nail polish in Denim Dash, 1960s film double features every night, and i'm super SUPER excited about the Olympics!!

What i love to watch when it comes to the summer Olympics?
1. synchronized swimming
2. trampoline
3. rowing
4. synchronized diving
5. rhythmic gymnastics (all gymnastics events, really!)
6. pole-vaulting

Events that should be seen in the Olympics..rollerskating derbies! ummm..life-guarding..haha..seeing men in the buff like that would be divine! ummm..car-racing..hmmm..bathtub racing..hahaha..STOP IT ALREADY!! okay. how about synchronized dumpster diving??


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