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2:44 p.m. - 2012-07-16

Me and Stew were having fun yesterday at his flat on the balcony sitting on comfy giant daisy print papasan chairs sipping pink lemonade and playing interview magazine..Stew interviewed me and here are the questions he asked and my answers..

1. Whatís your favorite summertime food? cantaloupe, pink lemonade, pitaya dragon fruit bubble tea, dutch chocolate yogurt ice-cream, avocado toast, swiss waffles, fried pickles!

2. Any summer vacations planned? Camping at Sherkston Resort with mom, riding around in a golf-cart, lazing in the jacuzzi by the giant pool, shopping in boutiques, toasting marshmellows..

3. Do you prefer summer or winter? I heart summer and fall equally. Why?? oh Stew do you have to ask? haha..okay, ummm..summer for being super lazy, not having to worry about anything, curling up with a good book on my lounge chair, swimming, biking, picnicing, wearing flipflops...fall for the colours, the crisp breeze, rain, curling up at the tv and watching horror films...

4. Would you rather play at the beach or lay by a pool? Well, if i lived near the ocean, yeah i'd love to walk on the sand, collect shells, jump the waves, taste the saltyness of the water, ooogle gorgeous guys with fit bods (hahaha..Stew blushed at this!)
5. What's your summer style? Been lazing around, so basically 80s Madonna style, lace shorts, lace tops, boyfriend white t-shirts over bikini top, lolita sunglasses..

6. Are you working on any projects summer?- just hair crafts..i'm making huge flowered headbands.

7. Whatís on your summer 2012 playlist? I'm loving the new Metric album Synthetica, Jane Doe - Rebecca & Fiona, Dance With You - The Black Lips, Starships - Niki Minaj, umm..lots of Enigma, 80s Madonna...

8. Do you plan on seeing any new movies this summer? I'm a big movie nerd..i love to roam my local video shop, but i also love to hit the cinema and just lose myself there for a few hours. I'd love to see Katy Perry's film and Rock of Ages!!


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