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10:24 p.m. - 2012-07-13
a rant on popular fucks!

I'm getting bored with this journal, its like there's noone here anymore :( its like why do i even fuckin' bother anymore??? Ever notice that the people with the most fans were the ones who were popular in school? its a fuckin' big fact!! it doesn't matter if you have a boring post, coz i have been everywhere on the net, i did my own research into blogs, anyways, most poeple have boring posts and they have more fans than, lets say, Howard Stern! and Howard Stern is far from boring, im talking about fuckin' snoooooooze here and they have loads of fans, i just don't fuckin' get it?? do they suck cyber dick or something?? i'm not a boring person, i have much more to say than most of those boring fuckheads, but i was never EVER popular in school, i just assumed that if i would have a blog, i'd finally be popular, but sadly not the case..it just makes me soooo fuckin' depressed!


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