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5:59 p.m. - 2012-06-28
beauty survey

Lovin': fake nails, beet & goat cheese salad, mott's frozen fruit
sensations, orange aero bubbles, revlon's lollipop lip butter, floating in my pool, cougar cat's eye sunglasses, Metric's new album Synthetica, glitter barrettes, Chanel stuff, red velvet beer, my blue ukelele, deep fried apple chimicheesecake, the book Fifty Shades of Grey..
Saw the film "Albert Nobbs"..i thought Glenn Close played her character really
awesome!! i've always been a huge fan of hers. She played a guy in case noone has
heard of film in 19th century Ireland..there was a big BIG shocking surprise for
me in the film..i don't want to let out too much but it was more shocking to me then
seeing "The Crying Game"..i just wasn't expecting it, and i still cannot believe it
about a certain other character in the film! The film is really good, ummm..
my mom mentioned "Upstairs, Downstairs", it reminded her of the 1970s British
TV show where maids/butlers serve the upper class & there's romance between them.

Morning routine:
Spectroderm for sensitive skin, and Nivea face cream. For body: coconut or rosewater.
Overnight skin ritual:
Nivea night cream

Who cuts/colors your hair:

my friend Maria is really good! She usually cuts my hair. I colour my own hair.
Hair habit:
i have naturally wavy hair so its easy to pin-curl, its hard to achieve Bettie Page bangs so i usually use a flat iron. I use Moroccan oil treatment which makes my hair soft, Herbal Essence hairspray..
Favorite eye look:
i like yellow eyeshadow, black eyeliner to make my eyes look like doll eyes, mascara (i'm a huge mascara nut!).
Go-to lipstick:
Babylips, Revlon lipbutters, Wet&Wild pinks and oranges, NYC's retro red..
Nail color of the moment:
dark blue with white polka dots..i’m changing it this weekend to fruit colours with nail gems.
Signature scent:
Katy Perry's Meow (the one i use most often), Kate Moss Vintage, Betsy Johnson...
“Never without” product:
Cover Girl concealer!!, cover girl foundation in ivory for sensitive skin, Maybelline's porcelain blush, lipsticks...
Secret to staying young and beautiful:
vegan food (Michelle Phieffer is a huge advocate of this and so is my best friend Stew!), yoga, meditation, swimming, playing sports, bicycling, ballet classes, eating lots of fruits and veggies, drinking water, low-sodium foods, Buds cereal, spinach, savoy cabbage, nature walks...


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