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6:28 p.m. - 2012-06-05
day-off fun...

Just finished the last costumes..the Schnuffel Bunnies..they have the cutest music ever!! Yesterday was my day-off work, so i went with Stew (who also had off) & we had fun at the designer square place where there's Urban Behaviour, Urban Planet, Guess, etc..but sadly Canada does not have a TJ Maxx :( Even though i'm very vintage, i still do love Juicy Couture stuff! I bagged a cute unicorn hoodie with horn from Urban Planet..i can never refuse anything unicorn-y! a bracelet with tiny skulls (reminds me of my new fav. show on BBC Kids..Raven Island!)..i love watching this show coz its the only reality show i know of that is decent, no swearing & the contestants encourage each other as opposed to fighting like idiots & insulting each other & acting like vicious tasmanian devils like they do on all the adult ones..i really hate that although i have to admit that Dance Moms are pretty hilarious to watch! Yeah i do loooove that show too! I also got a cute pink leopard print clutch changepurse, another pair of geeky glasses, & a glitter stones with tiny pink roses bodymist spray from Claire's. Stew had Turkish coffee chocolate chip ice-cream which i had to take a lick of & it tasted soooo good!! i had a New Orleans nutty brown sugary cookie which i found way too sweet but it was good. Went to Liquidation World & i got a pack of scented nail polishes in cupcake pink, ice-cream sandwich blue, grape lolly, yellow popsicle, orange lolly, & fuschia cupcake, garden rain candle, luxury perfume body lotion in orange creamsicle scent. I was disappointed that they don`t sell any jewelry.


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