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2:27 p.m. - 2012-05-31
mall haul..

I'm soooo disappointed..i wanted to go to Comic Con with friends but unfortunately its on June 9th, same time as the recital..:(

This is my fav. video right now..Jane Doe - Rebecca & Fiona..barbies gone bad!

A few days ago i was at the mall with my friend Maria..as we walked in, one of the straps on my fav. flipflops broke & i had to quickly buy a new pink pair..normally i would never step inside Old Navy, but my friend Maria grabbed my arm & hauled me
inside coz she wanted to show me something..OMG!! i could not believe my eyes when i saw the Alice In Wonderland lunch boxes!! of course i got it, it was only $14.99 + tax & i love all things Alice!!!
Thank you, Maria! otherwise i would've totally missed this one. At Suzy Shier's, i bagged a pair of deco art 1920s style long beaded earrings for only $1.29! deco art ring for $2.50..they were having a 60% off sale..a Minnie Mouse t-shirt from Stitches, a zebra lip print ring for a buck at Dollerama (i think its called Savers in the States??), silver big star glitter bracelet & dinosaur necklace from the bargain rack at Claire's (both were around $2 bucks) & a pretty turquoise victorian jewelry holder for $5 & a purple corduroy with flower print ribbon flapper-ish hat for $5, Kardashian glitter nail polish in Rainbow Sky-lie, coconut body lotion (my fav. scent for summer!).


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