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2:59 p.m. - 2012-05-15
mother's day fun...

beautiful giant flower display at queenston heights park

amazing memorial tribute to famous/legendary indian heroes..sorry i didn't get a much closer up of the names..
i can only read chief tecumseh..i remember learning about him in school.

me and mom had fun walking around..reminded me of the park in the film"blow-up"..there weren't too many
people around coz of the chilly weather..there was also several public tennis courts & me & mom pretended
that we were those silly mimes in the film when they pretend to play tennis..haha..hilarious fun!! my mom's THE best mom on the whole planet, she's like my best friend!!

there were endless array of tulips near the amphitheater with the most
incredible shades of pink!!

We went to a diner afterwards, my curls were a bit of a mess, my friend did my hair 50s style on Saturday..hahaha..mom told me that if people don't see how much i look like Marilyn Monroe, then there must be something wrong with them!! thanks mom, haha :) (although all my friends think i look like her, so me mom meant people in general..) had red velvet cake & chai lattes, then we went home & mom loved all her pressies, i got her rock playboy perfume, bracelets, a giant ballerina doll etc..& then we watched the Canada's Got Talent finals which were really good! Oh & of course the Spanish Grand-Prix..its awesome that lately a different driver who noone expects, wins! Yay to Maldonado!

Looking forward to:
1. Uefa League Championships Final..GOOOOOO BAYERN!!
2. Indy 500
3. the 100th Disney Birthday Recital!!!!
5. Summer Olympics
6. Marineland fun!!
7. camping with friends


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