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5:05 p.m. - 2012-05-08

Images from the backyard...

Lake Ontario..on a clear day i can see the CN Tower from here.

Been busy sewing costumes, worked all weekend on the program booklet...
Stew wanted me to go over to his place for a vegan fest but i couldn't get away..i feel so
bad, i promise i will make it up to him..he understands i'm busy, he's a wonderful
friend :) but i still feel bad about it.
Yesterday i went with mom to the hairdressers, nope not for me, mom had
to get a spiral perm, so i sat there for 3 hours waiting, kept meself occupied with
all the fashion magazines they had there..i read a really awesome article on
insomnia which is what i'm suffering from for a while now!! Its brought on
by tension, & basically i usually stay awake for hours thinking about
negative stuff instead of positive..& i just HATE thinking too much..ugh!!
Me mom told me that i'm such a good daughter for waiting all that
time for her :)  These two 12 year old boys got their hair done & one of them
had super curly thick hair & when the stylist shaved off the hair leaving a big
bunch of curls on top, the other boy said that he looks like a muffin which cracked
everyone up!! Of course the stylist fixed it better so that he wouldn't walk out
a muffin! LOL. 
What else have i been up to?? ummm..i watched the film
"The Iron Lady", i thought it was very boring but Meryl Streep was amazing
in her role as Margaret Thatcher, however, i got depressed when she
was finally taking out her dead husband's stuff from the closet, coz
it reminded me of mom doing the same thing weeks after dad passed away, so
i was totally down afterwards.  It's not been easy, if anyone would know
what me &mom are still going through..well, my friends do & they've
been always supportive, so i thank them for that, but of course they don't know
half of it either..all the finances & shit like that. Its been one thing after another.
I don't want to end this on a sad note..so um, oh yeah..i loove these things..

i got a black beaded collar necklace from H&M..its so much fun to wear!


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