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6:49 p.m. - 2012-05-02
make-up review

I discovered an amazing new mascara Big Bold by NYC!! It really creates
a false lash look, its also easy to remove, & it thickens like crazy,
Maybelline's new line of Color Show nail polish..i'm loving the Green With
Envy + the Uma Pulp Fiction color Dressed To Kill (this line has amazing
colours to choose from; however, on the 2nd day of wearing them, my nails
started chipping..bah!), Wet n Wild's Megalast Candylicious, awesome colour
& the polish lasts quite long, its the 3rd day i'm wearing this colour &
still no chipping!!) & L'Oreal's volumnous false lashes works pretty good
too, but its like $10 bucks while the NYC one is only $4.99 & works even


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