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10:19 p.m. - 2012-04-30
bebop pops

These are sooo 1950s soda fountain flavours..i did a taste test.
The cherry cola tastes like coka-a-cola thats been sitting around
the house a while & the fizz has gone flat..yuck! The caramel
apple lollipop is pretty good, although i can't really taste
the apple just the caramel which is pretty much like melted
brown sugar..the pink lemonade tastes what it is, very yummy,
but too sour-ie for me! And the winner is blue cotton candy,
sweet & yummy!!
Sailor Hello Kitty = looooooove!!!!
I've been sooo busy with sewing costumes..i finished a whole bunch of
Thumbelina ballet costumes & i'm starting on Dora:The Explorer.
Our Recital theme this year is 100th Disney Celebration, also we
will do a Decades Fashion Show where we will pay tributes to
Dick Clark, Davey Jones, & Whitney Houston..And also one of the girls
is doing a solo dance tribute to Titanic 100th Anniversary. This
Recital is all about tributes. It's just heartbreaking that the
music industry lost these people!


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