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2:33 p.m. - 2012-04-24
flea market haul

I got this Hard Candy rockabilly retro style duffle at Walmart, it was expensive at $29.95,
but i just couldn't resist leaving it there & i've always been a huge fan of hard candy
cosmetics, so yeah, i just love it loads.

Here's the stuff i got at the flea market on sunday..

2 film poster cards (a buck a piece), a hand-crocheted blue flower hair
accessory ($1), 2 psychobilly kitty hairclips ($1), an original 80s
strawberry shortcake doll ($5) & a 1943 film magazine ($5)..i will scan some
pics from it later on.

close-up of doll & hairclips
And i almost forgot..i was happy to see these 2 films as a double feature
dvd :)

my friend Maria can't stand Lou Diamond Phillips,LOL.
she avoids all films of his. i thought he was alright as
Ritchie Valens but i never really cared much for him
either. Poor Lou, does he even have any fans??


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