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5:49 p.m. - 2012-04-12
100th year of Titanic

This is the film version of the Titanic me & mom really love to watch...1958's A Night To Remember
starring Barbara Stanwyck, Robert Wagner..it's a straightforward, believable account of what happened
that tragic night, the acting is awesome, the set design, the whole atmosphere, the way the
iceberg loomed ahead, the way the whole film was shot was incredible!!!!! Much prefer this
version than the overdone Hollywood special effects of James Cameron's Titanic! Watched
last night on National Geographic Research File & it was very interesting to learn that it
was nature all a long that doomed the ship, the mirage effect of the climate change from
warm to cold, that made the iceberg vanish from sight until it was too late.  It's been
Titanic week & it's wonderful to learn new things about it on each show. Also, our favourite
meal ever is the First Class meal which the passengers ate just hours before the ship
sank..it's Chicken Lyonnais with  cinnamon creamed carrots & Chateau potatoes..
most delicious chicken i've ever had!!! I've already made it on Easter Monday,
but I will make it again on the weekend, since it will be 100th year on April 14/15, the
ship hit the iceberg at 11:40 pm & sank at 2:40 am.



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