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5:10 p.m. - 2012-04-10
weird eateries

I looooooove this new show on the Food Network called World's Weirdest Restaurants!!
Here's one in Taiwan called Modern Toilet where people actually eat food out of little toilets used as dishes
& drink out of bed pans..eeeeek!! The food itself looks really good & i loved the way the place looked,
they had shower curtains draped around & everyone sat on a toilet seat..hahaha..hilarious!!!!
 Then there was this really funky joint called Voodoo Doughnuts/wedding chapel..how awesome!!
This would definitely be a place to visit in the States! I will have to try to make their maple donut with bacon
on top..i was totally salivating when watching this! 
 Bob Blumer is the host of the show (he's the dude who used to ride around inside a gigantic
silver toaster with wheels) anyways, he wanted to do some restaurants in Canada,
but guess what? there are no weird restaurants here, trully sad! :(


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