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6:32 p.m. - 2012-04-03
b-day funnnnn...

My tenderheart bear cake..yummmm!!

Anna Nicole Smith in Guiness Book of Records museum

Sooooo much fun Ghost Lazer Ride!!!!! We had to wear 3-D glasses & shoot at creatures!

Crystal Cave Indiana Jones funnnnn!!! Me & Stew got lost a few times in there! We skipped going to the cinema coz the weather was really nice & sunny & we ended up spending hours at Clifton Hill, ate at a quaint little diner that served vegan burgers,
i had bubblegum dipping dots & a cheesecake icecream covered in chocolate & nuts..holy rockabilly that was sooo good!!!! Played games, went on rides, etc..Came home for the party, mom surprised me with the cute cake, opened pressies, had a blast! Stew got me 2 tickets for the Rocky Horror Show at Corks..can't wait!! Mom got me Katy Perry's Purr, Design A to Z book, clothes, makeup, 1950s polka dot skirt, etc..


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