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5:13 p.m. - 2012-03-27
the butt crack incident

I've been very very sick with the stomach flu last week..i felt a bit better over the weekend..met up with friends at a vegan cafe & they surprised me with this awesome birthday basket filled with lots of cuteness :) Some of my friends will be out of town, so we sort of celebrated a week earlier. It was so sweet of them to put this together for me! :D Anyways, we sat near the back table & this big jock wrestler type sat behind Maria, & his entire fugly disgusting hairy ass crack was in full view!!!! Lily noticed it first, & we were trying not to look, Stew was making gagging faces which cracked us all up. Didn't have much of an appetite after that, especially when Maria said that the hairy butt boy's face was good-looking..WHAAAAA?? We all thought she was nuts!LOL.

I'm totally in looooooove with Essence cosmetics!!! The product line comes from Germany & it's sooo affordable & really really good!! Especially they're mascaras, i bought the Get Big Lashes volume boost & it really makes my lashes big like i'm wearing falsies!!! It only cost me $3.49..WOW! I also like they're face powder..i haven't tried anything else yet, but yeah i will switch to this product, its better than any other.


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