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4:58 p.m. - 2012-03-20
the great depression!

Saturday was tons of fun!! Me and Stew went to the Irish Tea Room.  Tons of people were wearing green. I had people coming up to me and asking me where i got my green lipstick..that was cool :) And Stew's been bugging me ever since a good-looking Greek guy said that i'm sooo cute in one of the shops, so now Stew's been telling me to give him my number..crikey! if only i wasn't sooo shy when it comes to guys. *sigh* I got a Hello Kitty pink barrette in an accessories shop for $4.
Yesterday, i couldn't resist bagging these...
I looove sailor pants!! These are super comfy, can't wait to wear them in warmer weather with my Jean Harlowe style hairband ribbon and mid-riff sailor top.
R.I.P. Blockbuster and Rogers video shops! Netflix killed them all! Luckily, there's still the video shop down my street and That's Entertainment, otherwise, we wouldn't be able to watch films anymore :( Anyways, the old Blockbuster is now selling dvds for $5 so i got a few and that's when the lady told me what's going on.  She says now everyone has to either get Netflix (no way i'm paying $8 a month when the TV bill is high enough as it is!!), or buying the films when they come out (which is stupid coz how the heck am i supposed to know if a film is good enough to spend money on or not?).  I'm also very very upset that Kettle of Fish has closed down coz of the economy :( They had THE best fish & chips ever!!!!)..i'm noticing more &more things becoming extinct.


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