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5:38 p.m. - 2012-03-13
battle of the decades...

I like the 1920s influenced fashions but i think they got the 1950s ones all wrong!! especially the middle model with the hideously oversized jacket, its just sooo unflattering!!

This was what i purchased yesterday, pink cat's eye glasses..love them! They cost $5.00 at the thriftshop. Oh, & also got a shamrock green wig that i will wear on St. Patrick's Day. Stew's been sick with the flu, so i haven't been round his flat for a while even though i told him i'd bring veggie soup over, he doesn't want me getting his germs so we've been chatting on the phone instead. We're planning a picnic in the park for my birthday..fingers crossed that it will keep staying warm outside!


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