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5:46 p.m. - 2012-02-28
dyed eyebrow nightmare

The weekend was filled with a bit of freak accidents for me & Stew..i somehow managed to pull a muscle in my left pinky when taking out the trash on Sunday..its been soo sore yesterday & today, but i can still type tho which is good..Stew got the worst, he dyed his eyebrows blonde like his hairs & he had a total breakout on his face, he had to rush to the drugmart & pick up some cream that has helped take the redness & itching away, so he looks half decent now..his advice is never to dye eyebrows no matter what! Even tho i've told him not to do it, but you know guys..they'll do it anyways. Spent watching the Oscars at his place with vegan weinies, vegan brownies, vegan ice-cream, popcorn, etc..thanks for Billy Crystal being not so funny, i ate way too much *giggle* We're sooo happycakes that "The Artist" won best picture!! Loved Penelope Cruz's dress the most, i think she got the whole classic hollywood glamour look perfect! Hated Gyneth's dress, if she's going for the Princess Leia look, she could've at least done those 2 humongous side buns! Tonight i'm watching "Hugo" & "Midnight In Paris" & my kittycat keeps sneezing on my zebra throw! Bobby can be sooo gross!! Had a blast at the mall..picked up conair styling set in retro red, L.A. Girl's ballet nail polish, black & white striped miniskirt from H&M, Hard Candy sheer envy primer, etc..I really looove goth lolita look lately!


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