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3:27 p.m. - 2012-02-24
Zombie shoes + Bjork

These are my bad girls at the moment..zombie psychobilly stomper shoes which i heart sooooo mucho mucho!!!!

Stew is scared of them..haha..whenever i wear them, he walks on the other side of the road, literally speaking of course. He thinks my shoes will take a bite out of him, so i told him that these are vegan zombies..HA! which is quite true coz they are 100% vegan made by a company called Iron Fist. Cost me $45.00 + shipping & handling but it was well worth it!! I have very bad ankles but these actually give a padded like support feel to them so i'm not stumbling all over the place.

And I'm trying to order that pretty cherry dress from Zombie Doll Clothing which would look amazing with my cowboy booties.

I looove seeing how other people's houses look like, especially someone as creatively unique as Bjork!!


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