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5:29 p.m. - 2012-02-15
style questions answered...


1. Which lipstick shades and brands do you use?
I love MAC's Chili the most (its a cross between red & orange shade)..

..also love NYC's Retro Red, & Pari's Hellapink shade. I tend to avoid L'Oreal because their lipsticks are hard to remove, & leave a stain on my lips. Oh, & i also love weird shades of colour on lips (see below)

2. Which style icons have had an influence on your look?
Marilyn Monroe & Betty Grable whom I admire very much! I also get inspiration from old Hollywood stars from the 20s/30s/40s & 50s from books or watching old movies. Also youtube videos have helped a great deal in creating my pin-curls & victory rolls etc..

3. What hairstyling products do you use to create your vintage looks?
I start off with my water spray to wet my hair a bit, then got2b glossy anti-frizz shine serum, & finish with Herbal Essense volumizing hairspray. I like using sponge rollers for thicker curlier hair.

4. Where do you get your hair accessories from?
It depends on finding the right flower hairclips..sometimes from the dollarstores..i recently bought a lily hairclip from Ardene's, & thriftshops carry flower hairclips that are handmade like this one i just purchased from Out of the Past thrift boutique the other day..

5. Do you always dress in retro/vintage styles? Do you get stared at a lot?
During the summer seasons, i always go vintage, i love wearing my polka dots & sailor pin-up stuff etc..but during the winter, i tone it down coz of the cold weather but i still manage to look craaaazy *giggle* & nope, i DO NOT care what people think, as long as i'm happy with who i am & being myself, nothing else matters!!


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